Privacy and Web Safety Policy

Your mail address

If you mail us for information, support or with a suggestion, we will never sell/ give away or otherwise let anyone else use this information, unless required to by law (eg, a court subpoena).

Data protection

Name Frenzy obeys and fully supports your right to privacy. This gives you the right to see any information that we hold about you. If you wish to exercise this right, please mail us at We cannot control the ever-changing search engine applications and are not responsible for information about you or your website that may be found.

Links To External Sites

We're proud of our work so we link to our client sites so site visitors can view design concepts and web standard applications, However, we can't be responsible for the contents of their sites, nor any external site that we link to. Their views and opinions are strictly theirs alone, and are not endorsed by us. If, however, you find that a link leads to obscene material, or is broken, let us know by e-mailing us.

The Future is under continued development, and will change as we grow and as we receive feedback from you, the customers. Therefore, this privacy policy is liable to change, and your responsibility is to check, before using the new features.

Contact Us

If there are any aspects of this policy that you require clarification, or which you believe are simply bad practice, please send an mail

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